A Voyage of Discovery


Curiosity and resilience - the desire to know and the strength to persevere are probably the key ingredients for successful learning. 

We believe that children’s development of understanding and knowledge is dependent upon their desire to learn, and the acquisition and application of key skills and positive attitudes.  As teachers, we plan to build upon children’s natural enthusiasm and inquisitiveness and to continue at school the learning adventure they began with their parents at home.  It is our desire that pupils recognise in Marlborough School a community of enquiry where they can ask questions and seek answers without fear of failure, that they understand their classroom to be the safest place in the world to explore ideas, and that they are inspired by the lessons and experiences we provide.

Working to uphold this ethos, teachers and classroom assistants aim to create and uphold a stimulating and supportive climate that is high on challenge but low on stress, so that children at Marlborough become effective and purposeful students, able to base their learning on, not three, but five R’s:

  • Readiness - learners who prepare themselves, physically and mentally, for lessons and activities
  • Resourcefulness - curious learners who work with independence
  • Resilience - learners who persevere to overcome difficulties and continually raise their own expectations
  • Remembering - learners who review their experiences and actively internalise objectives
  • Reflection - learners who consider their experiences and link different concepts

We believe that these dispositions for learning can best be nurtured through an inter-related curriculum with topics and themes that address ideas and issues and which inspire and motivate pupils in their present world as well as aiming to address their potential future needs. When they arrive at Marlborough, children bring with them a myriad of questions and if they leave wanting to ask even more, we know we have done our job!