We are the learning party and we have been working on:

Appointing some Cyber-Mentors to run a club in the computer suite and help everyone to stay safe online.

We have had the idea to have library monitors to help look after the library and to make it an even better learning environment. We hope this system will be up and running next year.

Our next idea is to make a team of Learning Detectives who will make our 5 R’s stand out more than they have ever before and to make learning even more fun. They will talk to everyone about how and what they like to learn and the best ways to make it fun.

Our last idea is to have a big learning display that some of the learning committee can update and encourage everyone. 

Written by Eden and Scarlet on behalf of the learning committee.


The Learning Committee has organised two inter Packet Ship competitions:

  • year 3 members wrote and carried out a general knowledge quiz for the children in years 1, 2 and 3.
  • year 4, 5 and 6 members organised a Mini-Bridge tournament following the day's Mini-Bridge Training they all received in September from the National Bridge Association.  T


  • Freeling won the Inter Packet Quiz
  • Walsingham won the Bridge tournament

The committee's main focus has concentrated on informing everyone at school about e-Safety, preparing for  e-Safety days by making posters to tell everyone about the day.  We used stories about Smartie the Penguin on safety websites for ks1 and ks2 classes watched films about being SMART:

  • S – safe
  • M – meeting
  • A – accepting  
  • R – reliable
  • T – tell

Some children made SMART Badges and made decisions on interactive safety websites; year 6 discussed cyber-bullying.