Learning Domains and Thematic Topics

Marlborough’s School Curriculum aims to ensure that we provide children with a cohesive and integrated structure that is relevant and inspires them; builds upon their curiosity; helps them to make links in their learning and develops skills alongside knowledge.   We believe that essential National Curriculum knowledge and skills are best taught through an inter-related curriculum and that for practical application no task or concept is best taught in isolation.  We plan topics to support this learning and, even where specific subject matter may not immediately relate across the whole curriculum there are always close disciplines that can support its understanding.  The following Learning Domains provide a useful structure to help children to grasp and secure essential concepts and skills and to make connections when they meet new material or build upon previously covered work:

  • Arts and Creativity
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Language, Oracy and Literacy
  • Mathematics and Computing
  • Science and Technology
  • Time and Place; Faith and Society

Our school curriculum therefore provides a clear and logical journey of development from Reception to year 6 and one upon which they can base their future learning.  With the skills and understanding necessary for children to succeed in the adult world in mind, we continue to develop class schemes of topic work guided by six broad themes:

  • Creativity
  • Global Links
  • Healthy Living
  • Investigation and Exploration
  • Personal Identity
  • Sustainability

Through their curriculum knowledge, broad themes of understanding and the 5 R's (to be ready, resourceful, resilient, reflective and to remember) children move on from Marlborough School eager to build on a secure primary learning and ready to meet the challenges of their secondary school.