Online Safety

Welcome to our e-Safety page.  Here you can find out how we ensure that the safest and most appropriate use of technologies are in place.   Our intention is to minimize any risks to all members of the school community (including staff, pupils, volunteers, parents/carers, visitors and community users)  who have access to, and are users of the school ICT systems, both in and out of school.

In addition, you will find parental guides and suggestions as to where to go for advice, to minimize any risks to your children at home when they are using a range of technology.

First meet our Cybermentors.  This group of children are ready to answer the issues of any child (or adult) who has concerns about keeping themselves safe when using technology.  They wear badges to be easily identified.  In our termly e-Safety assemblies, they always share useful information with everyone; they also invite all the Teaching Assistants as part of the means of keeping their e-Safety training up to date too.

In addition to lessons as part of their ICT and PSHE Education, every child receives e-Safety education as a regular part of our Fab Friday activities.  One of the recent sessions was about age certification for games.  We've uploaded a guide for parents from the website.  Further useful information can be found on the site; please click here to visit it.

Check out the following websites for general child friendly advice about e-safety.

Think u know

BBC - Stay Safe

Net Smartz Kids

These websites have information for parents and carers:

Child Net  

On Internet Safety Day,  Class 5 presented an assembly to remind children that games have age certification and the Cybermentors told pupils of another way - an email address - where they can ask for help if worried about anything they see or experience when using computers.