Sports Premium

Primary schools currently receive additional funding to support the development of Physical Education and sport.  At Marlborough in past years we were able to use this Sports Premium to fund the formal adoption of our school field, including the construction of a boundary fence and will continue to develop this area to maximise its use. We continue to buy into the Falmouth Primary Sport Network which has enabled us to cover the costs of the sports events and competitions with other local schools and to access specialist secondary PE support to lead learning for children and provide professional development for teachers.

Our allocation for the academic year 2016/17 is £8,930. We will continue to develop pupils’ experiences and our staff expertise and skills through CPD opportunities by:

  • continuing to provide a games coach to teach hockey, basketball and tag-rugby lessons, developing the specific subject expertise of a lead PE teacher (£2,040)
  • continuing to buy into the Falmouth Primary Sport Network to develop football coaching skills, access on-going staff team training opportunities and provide specific support for the PE lead teacher (£3,740)
  • providing additional playground equipment to encourage active participation at break times (£590)
  • pay entry fees for the Cornwall School Games and local district competitions, tournaments and leagues, as administered through the Falmouth Primary Sport Network (£40)
  • support the provision of specialist water-sports activities for y3 and y5 pupils (£1420)
  • contribute towards the provision of toilets and storage on the school field to improve accessibility (£1100)
Our use of Sports Premium funding has had a positive impact upon PE and Sport at Marlborough by:
  • ensuring the school has its own exclusive, dedicated and safe playing field for now and future generations
  • improving all class teachers’ specialist skills in delivering core ‘physical literacy’ skills and developmental gymnastics throughout the school
  • providing teachers with a bespoke School Gymnastics and Physical Literacy manual
  • developing pupil skills in a range of invasion ball games and developing teacher skills of supporting Games lessons through an increased range of developmental activities and small game ideas
  • ensuring full involvement in the Cornwall School Games and local tournaments, extending the range of sports entered and the number of children taking part.

As a result of these material improvements to the school's facilities, the development of teachers' skills and the raised expectations for pupils' learning and sports participation, the continued growth of PE at the school is sustainable.  We are able to sustain these improvements through:

  • last year’s appointment of a class teacher with specific responsibilities for overseeing the teaching and learning of PE and sport; intra and inter school sports tournaments and competitions; continuing professional development; liaison with other local schools through the Primary PE Leadership Teacher programme
  • use of the Falmouth Schools Primary PE Partnership
  • continued staff refresher training and the use of customised specific Gym and Physical Literacy handbooks
  • ensuring continuous year-round use of a school field previously unavailable to us and now secured for future generations