The sustainability committee is aiming to get more people up to the field at lunchtime and for Sports and Games sessions.

We are trying to get a shed for equipment so that on sports day we don’t need to carry equipment up to the field.

We are also debating how to maintain our new and future lunchtime equipment.  One idea we have had is that each pupil will pay 50p for a key fob in order to be able to use a piece of equipment at lunchtime. At the end of the year pupils will get their 50p back if they have returned the key fob and helped to ensure that equipment is always returned in the same state as when it was borrowed.

One of the jobs of the sustainability group is to help people take healthy choices so that pupils' journeys to and from school becoming safer and more sustainable.  We want to see the numbers walking or cycling (or using a scooter) increased and our involvement in preparing the school's travel plan has resulted in almost every parent no longer driving into Ferndale Road.  We are also trying to arrange a walking bus down to school from Swanpool car park, first thing in the mornings only.

These are some of the things that we have done:

  • made a selection of Walk-to-School reward cards
  • competition for walk to school week
  • discussed the role of the Junior Road Safety Officer – year 6 members to apply
  • planned a review of the main road approaches to school with a view to making them safer for our students
  • elected  two Junior Road Safety Officers
  • contacted the local traffic police to arrange speed checks
  • organised Walk-toSchool-Week activities

By Eva, Callum, Oskar and Ruben and the sustainability group