The Star Chamber and School Cabinet

Two class members (a boy and a girl) are elected as representatives from every year group to serve on the Star Chamber.  From y1 to y6 the children serve for a full school year, but the reception class, once the children have settled in, the class choose representatives to sit on the council from 1st November (the second half of the Autumn term) for just a half term at a time.  There are 14 members of the Star Chamber therefore, intended to ensure good communication between all the classes (infant and junior) and the management team of juniors who serve on the Cabinet.

This cabinet is made up of the chairperson of each of the six committees (Food, Fund Raising, Learning, Local and Community Links, Site and Safety, Sustainability). Two further members of the cabinet are elected from and by the previous year’s Star Chamber to bring some expertise and continuity to the Cabinet.  This means that there are 8 members of the Cabinet. They meet each week with the Parliamentary staff lead (Dawn Blackburn) and also each half term with the Star Chamber.  This gives them the opportunity to listen to views and concerns from across the school and also to explain some of their work for Star Chamber members to take back to their classes.

This may all seem rather complicated, but it means that as many children’s opinions are heard and acted upon as often as possible.  Student Voice is very important to us at Marlborough – when the children see that their ideas are taken seriously, the contribution they make to the life of the school as a whole helps to support a positive and effective development plan. At the same time s providing opportunities for the children to express their views our Parliament aims to give them opportunities to work practically on the tasks and projects they plan.