Wonderful Wednesdays

Wonderful Wednesdays were first introduced in the 2005-2006 school year so they are well established and yet remain fresh and innovative learning experiences having evolved to meet developing needs. Initially timetabled on Wednesday mornings they settled for a long period on Fridays, providing an opportunity for children to work in vertically grouped (cross-age-group) classes, based on the packet ships.  This means that siblings join in the same lessons and that all children get the chance to work with children throughout the school, underpinning teamwork and the sense of identity for their packet.

During the Fab Friday years, the lessons were based on the whole school project, tying the different class topics together, extending the curriculum skills covered and giving children a sight of how other classes were studying their specific focus areas.  The attached Fab Friday Policy (below) explains the philosophy and organisation for this way of learning.

However, with the 2014 Curriculum Review, this policy is also now being revised to reflect the manner in which we now organise the teaching of skills across the range of learning domains alongside the more content prescriptive National Curriculum.  During 2016-2017, we have explored arrangements to maintain balance in our curriculum and revived the Wonderful Wednesday fixture, though moving the lessons to the afternoon session.  Temporarily reducing the cycle of activities to six each term, from September we will return to weekly Wonderful Wednesday classes, holding at the centre of our objectives, the aim to ensure that they provide active, memorable experiences that the children love and look forward to each week.

The new Wonderful Wednesday policy will be available as part of the school’s revised Learning Policy for the new 2018-2019 academic year.