From Our Pupils

The Unique Selling Points of Marlborough School

The moment I walked in the doors at Marlborough I knew it would be fun.  In reception class we got to know all the people in the school and we knew who we can trust:  everyone! I have been at this wonderful school for seven years.  These are some of the things I think are unique.

One of these things (in my mind) is our school dinner service.  Lots of people associate school dinners with ‘grizzly muck’ for main, followed by something highly unhealthy but slightly yummy for dessert. Our mains are delicious, nutricious and bursting with life, cooked by ‘a hungry young chef’ for hungry pupils… and our desserts are really healthy, but also still fully yummy.

Another unique(ish!) thing about our school are our sports teams.  I have been lucky enough to be in the rugby and football teams, and I have played in the football league.  Most teams I have played against have at least one or two substitutes at the beginning of the match. Rarely, usually never, do they ever come on the pitch. Marlborough is different – everyone who is in the squad for a match gets on the pitch and has a chance to develop and improve.

Also, occasionally, we have Big Dig LINE (Learning in the Natural Environment) days, which are when everyone learns outside and parents help us to improve the grounds. On those days we often have a special school dinner too.  Big Digs really help me.

Learning indoors is also exciting too.  In year 6 we built our own trench and dug-out system to help our work on the First World War. Then, when we went to Paris, we visited a real WW1 battlefield site.

At the end of the year everyone in the school walks down to the beach for a very special barbecue – it will be sad when it’s my last one (except when it’s my brother’s turn and I can come back).