Structure, Roles and Responsibilites

Structure, Responsibilities and Interests of the Governing Body

Governors all serve the school on a voluntary basis. They are elected or appointed for a term of 4 years and may seek re-election or be appointed for further terms of office. Minutes from Governors Meetings are available upon request. 

Marlborough’s Instrument of Governance allows for up to 11 governors made up of:

  • 2 parent governors
  • 2 staff governors (one teacher governor and the headteacher ex officio)
  • 1 Local Authority governor
  • 6 co-opted governors

This section gives some information about the governing body’s committees and the governors’ responsibilities and interests.

Marlborough School Governors’ Committee Structure


Name of Committee

Names of members

Pay Committee

Ben Gowers (Chair), Jon Christie, Jeremy Kirk, Amy Richards

Finance Committee

Liz Brand (Chair), Ben Gowers, Jeremy Kirk

Appeals (Personnel/Dismissal/Pay) Committee

Amy Richards plus 2 other governors

Pupil Discipline Committee

As required

Achievement, Teaching and Learning Committee

Marie Hunter (Chair), Simon Brown, Liz Brand, Jon Christie, Louise Gall,  Jeremy Kirk

Headteacher's Performance Review 

Marie Hunter, Liz Brand plus a SEC representative