Marlborough and the National Curriculum

Our Curriculum

At Marlborough we pride ourselves on providing children with a rich, creative and broad curriculum which supports them in establishing their sense of place and belonging within Cornwall and as a citizen of the wider world.

Teachers use the National Curriculum and Essentials Curriculum to ensure the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum which reflects the children’s interests through a thematic approach to learning.

Our three curriculum drivers; The Arts, The Community and The Environment, underpin the delivery of our curriculum at Marlborough.

During their time at Marlborough, children experience ‘42 things to do before the age of 11 and 3/4s’ which supports a growing cultural capital through real life experiences that shape their primary education in a memorable and exciting way.

Due to the global pandemic, a recovery curriculum plan has been created and delivered during September to support a smooth transition back into school. Our families were invited to share their views of our response to the pandemic with regards to home learning and return to school. These views have been considered when creating this document.