English Learning - Reading


A high-quality text based curriculum underpins learning at Marlborough. 2019-2020 was our ‘Year of Reading’ where we held events and workshops for the whole school community to support a reading culture. We kick started the year with a reading journal making and decorating workshop where parents and carers were invited in to support their children on their reading journey. Thanks to huge fundraising efforts by our Mariners and with the hard work of our ‘Learning’ working parliament group we held the grand opening of our new library space, ‘The Burrow’. Children from the learning group contacted children’s authors who donated books and a whole range of reading related resources to support our library stock and make it a beautiful space.

Marlborough School’s Reading Spine

Our reading spine maps out a selection of high-quality texts that children will be exposed to in each year group as they move through the school. The texts are often linked to topic learning and are the stimulus for the majority of English learning at Marlborough.