Marlborough and the National Curriculum

From 1989 until its major revision in 2014 the National Curriculum identified the knowledge, understanding and skills children needed to acquire and develop.  The new curriculum is much more explicit about the content that should be taught in all maintained schools in England.  It is set out in eleven distinct subject areas:

  •     English
  •     Mathematics
  •     Science
  •     Art and Design
  •     Computing
  •     Design and Technology
  •     Geography
  •     History
  •     Languages
  •     Music
  •     Physical Education

These subjects each have their own specialist traditions, disciplines and concepts, and the way each class covers the year’s body of learning is shown in the following Curriculum Jigsaw Charts.

In addition to the National Curriculum, the jigsaw summaries include an outline of the school’s RE programme of study which has been designed to cover the syllabus for schools in Cornwall agreed by the local SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education).

Details of how we ensure progression in all subject areas and how we provide links for children to make comments across all of their learning are given under the Learning Domains and Class Learning pages in this section.