Bride Patterson

I am an oncology nurse and mother of three children, two of whom have gone through Marlborough school.  My third started this year.  I have felt privileged to send my children to a school setting where they have thrived, flourishing academically as well as emotionally. I believe this to be as a result of the holistic approach and ethos of Marlborough school which seems to get the best out of the children though encouragement and support, igniting a passion for learning which takes them right through the education system. 

When I first looked around Marlborough the thing that really struck me was the fact that every class room had a role play area, a mark of how Marlborough manages to incorporate some creative thinking in an increasingly academic curriculum. I also found the personal and open-door approach which each teacher has fostered to be invaluable in managing the children’s time at school.

I am passionate about this unique ethos and am eager, as a governor to see it continuing for many more, working to help balance Marlborough’s core values within the ever-changing landscape of education.