Marlborough's Aims and Values

A rising tide lifts all ships 
As a rising tide lifts all ships, so shall Marborough School’s aspiration for excellence raise the expectations and achievements of all our members.
Our Aims
At Marlborough School we help pupils to develop:
Responsibility; Self-respect, self–confidence, self-esteem, personal behaviour, an awareness of and sensitivity to others.
Readiness; Well prepared, positive attitudes with high expectations and motivation.
Resourcefulness; Ability to think, question, argue and imagine, seek understanding creatively, flexibly and with ingenuity.
Resilience; Working hard, persisting with tasks, working without fear of failure, working independently and with others, an appreciation of human endeavour.
Remembering; The knowledge skills and practical abilities needed throughout life at work and at play - lifelong learning.
Reflection; Learning to learn and self understanding as well as a feeling for and wonder of life and sensitivity to beauty.
Respect; Personal values and beliefs, appreciation for the religious and moral values of others and care for property.
Our Vision Statement

At Marlborough, we nurture the whole child by acknowledging and celebrating growth and progress in all areas of life. We recognise that physical, mental and emotional wellbeing are the springboard to a positive growth mind-set that embeds life-long healthy learning habits that includes a healthy relationship with food that can help them develop an awareness of food provenance and its link with the environment.


Marlborough is a creative school where the curriculum is delivered through topic-based learning allowing children to discover a confidence, competence and joy of reading, writing and numeracy. Regular reviews and communication of progress, alongside tracking policies and practices against outcomes, to ensure each child is achieving his or her full potential. The learning environment is structured to support diversity in individual learning styles to ensure that each child is learning optimally.


We believe that optimal learning is achieved when children feel safe, happy and unafraid of making mistakes. Children are taught practical and accessible strategies for strengthening and deepening resilience in their learning and life experiences. This includes developing self-appraisal skills so they can approach subsequent tasks with a stronger, more focused and determined mind-set.


Developing sound research and critical thinking skills to form views and take ownership on aspects of the school gives children a platform where they can learn to speak out as well as listen to others in a space where all views are heard, respected and valued. Through the award winning Marlborough School Parliament children are able to develop their communication skills and learn how to reach a consensus while respecting the natural diversity of opinions, communication styles and aspirations for the school. There is positive reinforcement when they see their decisions being incorporated in the school activities and operations.


Marlborough continually strives for outstanding leadership, teaching and governance to create a supportive learning environment where we meet the highest standards in education while fuelling the spark of natural curiosity that is in every child.