1st February 2017

We are delighted to announce that our project to improve the outdoor area alongside the infant classrooms successfully won through to the final three in the Tesco Bags of Help scheme.

It’s fantastic that this will guarantee us a grant of at least £1000 but there are two other grants of £2000 and £5000 available.   Voting is now open for the whole of February, for YOU to choose who receives which grant.

All you need to do to place a vote, any time you buy something from any of the Tesco stores below, is to ask for a token and to post it in the box for Marlborough’s project. The other two schemes will not be schools.

  • Falmouth Metro
  • Falmouth Express    
  • Camborne
  • Davy Penzance Express
  • Helston            
  • Redruth Tolgus
  • Redruth Extra
  • St Ives

You can check the location of any of these stores on the Tesco website:

Please support our application by voting and of course sharing our hopes with everyone you know!