Marlborough's Aims and Values

A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

Our Vision:

To bring the world to our children and prepare them to go into the world as citizens who value life and learning.

Our Aims:

We value ourselves as unique human beings capable of spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical growth and development. 

We value others for themselves, not only for what they have or what they can do for us. We value relationships as fundamental to the development and fulfilment of ourselves and others, and to the good of the community.

We value truth, freedom and justice. We value love and mutual support, a society in which people care for others and work for the common good. 

We value the environment as the basis of life and a source of wonder and inspiration.



As a rising tide lifts all ships, so shall Marlborough School’s aspiration for excellence raise the expectations and achievements of all our members.
At Marlborough School we help pupils to develop:
Responsibility; Self-respect, self–confidence, self-esteem, personal behaviour, an awareness of and sensitivity to others.
Readiness; Well prepared, positive attitudes with high expectations and motivation.
Resourcefulness; Ability to think, question, argue and imagine, seek understanding creatively, flexibly and with ingenuity.
Resilience; Working hard, persisting with tasks, working without fear of failure, working independently and with others, an appreciation of human endeavour.
Reflection; Learning to learn and self understanding as well as a feeling for and wonder of life and sensitivity to beauty.
Relationships; Personal values and beliefs, appreciation for the religious and moral values of others and care for property.